Peppa Pig Toys

Peppa Pig Toys


It show was first aired in the United Kingdom on channel five in 2004. It may now been available on Nick Jr. in the UK and US and on other TV channels across the world. Each series contains 52 five minute episodes. Each episode is based around the day to day goings on in the arena of Peppa Pig and friends. This can be part of the reason it is so popular. It brings entertainment and excitement out of simple every day life events such as going swimming, going to the playground, visiting grandparents, going to playgroup, and playing on the pc.

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Parents enjoy watching the show making use of their children as they can connect with the events captured inside the episodes. One particular episode involves Peppa crashing Mummy’s computer, that i am sure many a mother or father can relate to! This enables parents to see everyday events like this through a child’s eyes within an amusing way.

Another appealing part of the show that makes it so well loved is its do-it-yourself feel. It is like an intelligently made low quality indie film compared to a multi-million dollar Hollywood no brainer blockbuster! The animations will be in 2D and are very simply done. This gives it a pleasant, family run feel.

So what about the characters? In Peppa’s immediate folks are younger brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. The nearest family friends include Rebecca Rabbit and Mummy Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Mummy Sheep. You may have noticed a common theme here – all of the characters are animals! The animals simultaneously exhibit both human and animal traits. For example, Daddy Pig goes to work and drives a car, but also snorts and enjoys a good old roll about within the mud! Something else you could have noticed is that the first letter of each and every character is the same as the very first letter of their first and last name. This letter even matches the very first letter of the type of animal they are. Other for example Danny Dog, Emily Elephant, and Pedro Pony.


Peppa was recently shrouded in controversy! Throughout the campaign for the 2010 general election in britain. The Labour Party had booked the services of Peppa Pig to appear in a single of their events. The big event was to promote the Sure Start scheme, that literally brings together a range of children’s services. However, pet owners of Peppa Pig, E1 entertainment, got cold feet and failed to want Peppa to be seen as being associated with one political party over another and therefore withdrew the rights for your Labour Party to make use of Peppa as publicity.

There was clearly also controversy when complaints were received during one specific episode where Peppa was seen to stay in a car not wearing a seatbelt. There was clearly public outcry! As a result, all the offending scenes were re-produced.

nursery rhymes

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